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Izmir visitors will find that obtaining tourist information in the area is easy.  Instead of there being only one tourist information center, there are actually numerous locations where visitors can get their questions answered about everything from accommodations to current events.  These information centers are conveniently located in areas which tourists will probably already be exploring.

The most obviously easy to reach of these offices is the one located at the Adnan Menderes Airport, which is where most travelers enter upon arrival in Izmir.  Travelers who do not come through the airport, may find that the tourist information center most conveniently located to them is the one standing between the famous Hilton and Buyuk Efes hotels in the center of Izmir.   Visitors who are not staying in this area may find that the smaller, but still informative, booth located just behind the Clock Tower is convenient, since most tourists eventually stop to see the Tower.

Travelers will find that all of these different visitor’s centers will provide them with brochures about the area.   They also have free maps for anyone interested in trying to orient themselves to finding the major tourist attractions of the area.   More information is available on the main tourist website for Izmir at

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