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Yasar University is located on the West coast of Turkey, in Izmir. It was founded in 2001 by the Selçuk Yaşar Education and Sports Foundation for the purposes of educating persons equipped with the skills of design and project consciousness, sensitive to human and science, possessing ethics and moral values, enterprising and integrated with the sense of aesthetics and research spirit.

Yasar University enriches its high-calibre teaching by strong collaboration with civil society, industry and commerce both in national and international context. Through European Union Research Centre, Yasar University has been ranked amongst the Turkish foundation universities as one of the most active beneficiaries in academic and student mobility exchanges and projects with European Universities and institutions under the framework of European Union Programmes.

By organizing periodic trainings on project cycle management, preparing and performing projects under Erasmus+ and other EU funds; Yasar University European Union Research Center both helps to the development of project consciousness and also contributes to increasing project quality and Turkey’s share in using EU funds. In this regard, it aims to develop and participate in new EU projects under different EU grants, organize seminars and conferences on EU matters, support the mobilization of students and academics for exchange of knowledge with various EU universities and research centers. It also takes part in joint projects by participating with different European networks and consortiums and establishes new exchange and cooperation agreements. Currently, Yasar University runs several EU projects including international researches, summer schools, training programmes and e-learning programmes. Yasar University was an active Life Learning Programme and YOUTH in ACTION programme beneficiary and continues to participate in Erasmus+ Programme’s different units successfully.

Yasar University has accreditation for EVS since 2007 and has coordinated two EVS projects, one youth project, became a partner of eight youth projects and sent many EVS volunteers. Yasar University EU Center regularly organizes informative meetings and seminars on Erasmus+ Programme’s Youth  Opportunities open to the all young people from the region.